“Some become fools through their rebellious ways and

suffered affliction because of their iniquities”

(Psalms 107:17 NIV)

Wade paced his apartment, waiting for the explosion. Any minute now, they will see who’s in charge. He turned on the television, flip…nothing…flip…nothing…flip…nothing! Maybe he missed a call, so he checked his cellphone. Thumb up…nothing…Thumb down… nothing!

“What is going on? It has been hours. It should have aired by now!!!” The loud voices started laughing – louder! Pounding his head with the palm of his hand, “shut up! Shut Up! SHUT UP! I don’t have time for you right now! I have to figure this out! I have to figure out why it isn’t all over the news.”

Breaking News Headlines…


“What happened?”


On the other side of that knock was Wade’s answer.

Wade was arrested for allegedly sending false accusations to the newspaper, falsifying government contract documents and forgery. This time he went to jail for himself. This time there was no one to frame.

The Evil One laughed, “You always thought you were smarter than the average criminal.”

“I’m no criminal! Just shut up!”

The Voices continued, “Gregory tried to tell you, but you were too smart to listen – now look at you, trying to sabotage innocent people and here you are, about to be exposed, naked to the world!”

“Shut up!” yelled Wade, “Just Shut up!”

Wade implicated Joseph McIntosh and Christopher Gregory. Both squealed like little piglets and testified against Wade. Wade begged Antonio to bail him out. When Antonio didn’t, Wade cursed him. He called him all kinds of horrible names that can’t be repeated.

When he was arrested, he was unable to take his medication. Because Wade chose to hide his illness from everyone, his family did not know he was taking medication for a mental illness. By the time his doctor found out Wade had been arrested, he had already experienced several psychotic episodes. Wade’s family was very upset to find out that for years, not only had he been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but he refused to tell them or allow his doctor to disclose any information. However, it explained many bizarre behaviors he explained away, as well as, his overdosing twice because he was using both legal and illegal drugs.

Although Wade was receiving his medication again, while in court, the voices were loud, causing him, on several occasions, to speak out of turn. Antonio asked the bailiff’s permission for he or one of his sisters to sit closer to Wade, hoping that might calm him down. It did.

Wade was found guilty and sentenced to a three-year jail term. The first year of his term was counted as time served while awaiting trial and during the trial. Because he was diagnosed with the mental illnesses, the court ordered him to serve the remaining two-year sentence in the psychiatric hospital of the prison. He could have been sentenced for a longer term. However, under the circumstances, the court chose to be lenient. He received unprecedented grace. Despite his arrogance toward God, God allowed the South Carolina Justice System to show him grace. It was sad. He was in his mid-fifties and if he didn’t pull himself together while incarcerated, he could die before he was released.

Fortunately for Wade, Chris Gregory could not take him to court to recoup his money and risk going to jail again for drug trafficking, and Joseph McIntosh lost any chance of acquiring MMTrucking.

All was well with the world for MMTrucking, but not for Antonio. He was heartbroken. His brother had gone to such lengths to destroy him for something that happened before he was born. He worried about what would happen to his brother in prison. He wondered if he would ever find peace with himself and with God. He decided he would visit him as often as possible, even if Wade didn’t want to see him. Maybe he might be able to find a clear spot in his spirit that will hear him and hear God. One of the psychiatrists in the hospital was a member of Lizanne’s church. He visited Wade whenever he could.

Wade had completely shut down. He tried blaming God, even though he knew he really could no longer do that. Although he knew he was the reason he was in this predicament, he chose to remain angry. The on-staff psychiatrists could not help Wade as their case-loads were not conducive to an inmate needing constant help. As a result, Wade’s illness became worst and The Voices became stronger.

          Wade kept to himself in the hospital. He did not associate with anyone he didn’t have to, refusing to participate in any programs not required. Antonio visited him every week, sometimes Wade would see him, sometimes he wouldn’t. One visit was very traumatic. The Voices were very loud while Antonio tried to talk to him about making changes and reading the Bible. Wade yelled, cursed him, told him he never liked him and called him a half-and-half. Antonio sat there, allowing him to rant at him for a few minutes. Then he left.

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