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$12.00 "The Swing"  Available February 24, 2018. This is the story of love  and hate; of keeping up appearances; of unequally yoked and of the  unconditional love of a child. “The Swing” is the story of two families  with opposing ideas of what it meant to live a “privileged life.” While you enjoy the Wilkerson’s and the Chamberlain’s, take time to identify behaviors that may hinder you from being a godly person.

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$12.00 "Uninvited Memories"  Book Launch Reception, February 24, 2018, 5:00 pm      On what was supposed to be a normal Tuesday, Marissa Morgan‘s world was forced into reverse by the uninvited presence of a love long forgotten – she thought. This is the story of love that broke her heart into pieces that, over the years, have been difficult to glue back together. 

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$15.00 " Saved by Grace... Walking Through Affliction into God's  Deliverance" . In 1959 Marcus Martin had aspirations for his future - to be a long-haul truck driver. The last thing on his mind was the draft and a baby. Both met him at the door on his eighteenth birthday. Have you been in what seemed like a helpless, hopeless situation? Have you blamed everyone but yourself for problems in your life? Have you begged God for just a little bit of peace in your world of madness and it seems that He wasn't listening? For the Martin Family peace came with a price paid in tears...

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